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New Children’s Adventure Series **Celtic Kids**

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Newly Released!! Final Book in the Series!


Dangerous Fairies.

A Magic Snow Globe.

Discover the Adventures of the Celtic Kids. 

     Caitlin and Sean O’Brien are turning eleven. It’s a special age for Fay Seekers, people who hunt and capture mischievous fairies. They are now old enough to find and rescue their parents from their prison in Fairy. But it won’t be easy. The O’Brien twins will encounter a wild Kelpie, greedy leprechauns, a wicked banshee, strange fairy lights, and scores of other mythical creatures along the way. The good news is they have a bit of magic on their side. The bad news is . . . so do the fairies.


CELTIC KIDS series trailer

Check out the ISLAND OF TORY trilogy trailer here.


ISLAND OF TORY (Book 1 Tory Island Series)


      When sixteen year old Arella Cline’s summer vacation begins with the tragic    death of her parents,    she   is sent to live with her aunt to begin a new life on a remote island off the western coast of          Ireland.  But there are strange things happening on Tory Island–shadow figures, mysterious auras, and  the haunting sound of her deceased parents’ voices.

       The only thing Arella finds appealing about Tory is the handsome, dark-haired Declan McQuilan.    But Cannon Fidelous, a mysterious outcast, warns her that the island and its inhabitants are hiding a  dark secret.  And when Arella finds an ancient book of prophecies, she discovers the island’s curse–a  curse that only she can undo.

Cursing Stone Sample

Cursing Stone (Book 2 Tory Island Series)

       A little over a year after a near fatal accident, Arella Cline attempts to reassemble the pieces of her      fractured life and return to some sense of normalcy. Life is almost good. She and Cannon are together.  And there’s no longer a curse hanging over their heads.

     But her new life as a freshman at Wexford University is quickly disrupted by disturbing dreams of  Tory Island and the mysterious realm beyond its ancient ruins. Arella discovers that her reality is not  normal. And neither is she. She has a secret lineage, and the dreams are glimpses into the legendary  Fae realm of Tir inna n-Óc.

Arella must return to Tory Island to face her enemies, finish what was started, and destroy the  Cursing Stone. But nothing comes without a price. And she must decide if ending the curse is worth the  cost.


Three (Book 3 Tory Island Series)

“What’s with me? Well, let me see. The only guy I ever loved and ever will love is dead to this world, but is alive and imprisoned somewhere in Tir inna n-Óc. My mom and dad are making me go to a shrink who thinks it’s a good idea to pump me full of drugs to stop my so-called hallucinations of Fae. I’m chased by a gang of half-blood haters that look like Grim Reapers on steroids along with their hellhounds of death. I’m then restrained by my aforementioned shrink who sedates me and sends me right into the hands of the aforementioned Grim Reapers. Then I find myself in a cell reminiscent of a medieval dungeon where I discover that the neighboring cell is occupied by another me. Only it’s not me, but a portion of me that split into three at the moment of impact the day of the accident that sent me to Tory in the first place. Then to make things interesting, I get tossed into a pit of slime occupied by a gang of cockroaches that like to moonlight as a dragon. And all I ask is a simple question, and instead of getting a simple answer, you ask ‘what’s with me?'” I cross my arms over my chest and hiss, “That’s what’s with me.”

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  1. Congratulations on your publication, Regina! It sounds like a great read. I bet my daughters and I will love it.

    • Regina M. Geither

      Thanks, Elizabeth. I’m very excited about this book. It combines Irish legend and the paranormal with a little teenage attitude. It was a lot of fun to write.

  2. Can’t wait to read it! We ordered 3 copies! So excited for you! CongratS!!

  3. Good job Mrs.Geither hopefully getting a book soon!!!

  4. Well done. Glad to see that you made it into print.

  5. Fernando Gonzalez

    Hi Regina, congratulations on your new book. I am currently attending your writing class and really enjoy it. Thank you so much, you are an inspiration.

    • Thanks, Fernando! I’m glad you signed up. Words are magic!

      • Fernando Gonzalez

        Another fine class at Polaris Career Center Regina. The course is a hit and I think you’ll be instructing budding authors for years to come. Thank you. “I’m your biggest fan.”, from Misery, with Kathy Bates and James Caan. How’s that for imagery? LOL.

      • Glad you’re enjoying the class, Fernando. If you know of any 4th through 8th grade students interested in learning to write, I’m heading a Writers Club at St. Mary’s School June 18 through June 22 9am to 11 am. All are welcome to sign-up at Thanks again for the props:)

  6. It was an interesting and fun read. I enjoyed it tremendously. Thank you for signing my copy and encouraging my attempts at writing. Take care.

  7. I love the book so far! It’s a good example of comparing stuff like comparing her world going upside down to a snow globe. All the back of the back round, I love it! I’m going to hate going to sleep tonight!

  8. Sounds like another great book, Can’t wait to get it. Plans changed,may see you on opening day after all.

  9. Hi this sounds good , how can i get a copy to read ?

  10. WOW, Gina – another great read, and again couldn’t put it down until the very end. “The End”? – must be a curse!

  11. I bought Island of Tory at the Universalist Church Irish Craft Fair. The plot was very intriguing, the characters were well-developed, and the ending left you wanting more. I can’t wait to read Cursing Stone!

    • Thanks for your kind words, Milissa! CURSING STONE is officially released. You can get a copy on,, Barnes and Noble online, or on my site by clicking the PLACE AN ORDER button at the top.

  12. I have indeed read ‘island of Tory’ and it was an amazing read 🙂 it was really fun, exciting and a very addictive book. It was really cleverly composed as a story and just generally an amazing book. I shared my review with my friends and they too loved it 🙂

  13. I loved this book! I finished “Island of Tory” in two days and I’m two chapters into “The Cursing Stone”. I love the characters and the the story keeps you wanting more… And I love your writing style!

    • Thanks, Ariel. I appreciate your comments. I’m currently working on the third and final book in the series. I’m hoping to have it drop before the end of next year. Friend me on Facebook for updates:)

  14. Regina, great to see you at the SCBWI Conference this weekend. Congratulations! Love the Celtic Kids series!

  15. When did book 6 come out? We bought the boys the gift sets last year for Christmas Normandy. My youngest has completed 1-5 and become totally engulfed in Sean and Caitlin’s world. We were wondering if we have 6 hiding here or if it’s newer.
    Thank -you,

    • Hi Pavliscaks!

      Celtic Kids #6 just came out at the beginning of September. It is available at I will not be at the Normandy Christmas Craft Fair this year, but you can check out my events page to see where I will be if you want an autographed copy. I am so glad your youngest enjoyed the first 5 books. Look for #7 to be released in the next few months.

      Best Wishes,


  16. Mrs. Geither,
    My name is McKenna. You met me at the Christmas Connection at the IX center. I’m absolutely in love with the books. Thank you so much for signing them. These books have peaked my curiosity about my own Irish heritage. I can’t wait to finish them and recommend them to all my friends.
    Thanks so much once again,

  17. Hi, I may be a bit late to the party 😉 but that’s because I havnt seen your books until today. My fiancee got me a set and im in love. I am an avid reader and love books that I can get into and reread over and over again! This series is amazing and I hope you never stop writing! Hugs and blessing from Ohio! 🙂


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