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Regina M. Geither is available for school, library, and conference visits.  Presentations can be customized to fit a small or large group setting.  Discussion topics may include the following: Writing for Young Adults, Creating Believable Characters, The Ups and Downs of Plotting, Nurturing the Aspiring Writer, or another topic of your choice.  Email Regina at


Conferences, libraries and book fairs are negotiable.


One hour visit in Northern Ohio: $150.00 or free with preorder of a minumum of 30 autographed copies of any of Regina’s books. Special bulk order rates.

Half day visit (3 hrs.) in Northern Ohio: $300.00 (discount with book preorder)

All day visit in Northern Ohio: $500.00 (discount with book preorder)

All day visit requiring an overnight stay: $1000.00 (discount with book preorder)

Contact Regina at with questions and availability.


November is National Novel Writing Month

Book your visit today!


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  1. Christine McCauley

    Mrs. Geither, I can’t believe you were attending the event at St. John’s Byzantine Church, I wish you told Emily that date. That’s the church I was baptized and married. My home parish. Love the book. Thanks, it will make the most excellent graduation present for Emily’s very Irish cousin this spring.

    Christine McCauley


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