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Regina M. Geither grew up on legends, myths, mysteries, and tales of the paranormal.  She has been an avid reader and writer for as long as she can remember.  Regina wrote and illustrated her first full-length novel when she was twelve.  In high school, she won numerous awards for her speeches, essays, short stories, and plays.

More recently she has been exercising her talents writing young adult and children’s fiction.  In May 2008, Regina published her first book, Swamp Stallion, as part of McGraw-Hill’s Imagine It! reading series.  She is a proud member of SCBWI.  Her first young adult fantasy novel, Island of Tory, was published by Loconeal Publishing in March 2012.  The sequel, Cursing Stone, was launched in March 2013.  The third and final book in the trilogy, Three, was release in November 2014.  Regina’s newest project is her Celtic Kids series, a collection of books similar to Mary Pope Osborne’s The Magic Tree House collection, but with a Celtic twist. Each book centers around twins, Sean and Caitlin O’Brien, and their fairy seeking adventures.

Regina believes her skill for storytelling is a family trait passed down from her grandfather. Even after his passing, his many stories of the Great Depression, World War II, Big Foot, and the creepy monster in the basement coal bin continue to inspire.  Regina attributes her family’s love of storytelling to the touch of Celtic blood swimming in their gene pool.  Though only a wee bit Irish, Regina proudly acknowledges the Celtic branch of her family tree.

Along with being a writer, Regina is an educator, a wife, and mother of three.  Her education includes a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Baldwin-Wallace College and a Master of Education from John Carroll University.  She currently resides in northern Ohio with her husband and three sons.


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  1. Victor Kimmel

    …and don’t forget about the monster that lived in the basement coal room…

    Congrats on Island of Tory!!!

    Love…the Kimmels


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